Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions regarding HICU technology, Feel free to contact us if you have any further  queries.

Why go for HICU technology?

The technology results in over 30% overall construction cost saving.

  1. labour since they are interlocking it implies more output that machine dressed stones.
  2. You save on mortar (cement, sand & water)
  3. Since blocks are of uniform thickness unlike machine dressed, your save on plaster (10-12mm unlike 25mm for machine dressed) .

How is cost saving realized in this leased form work?

  1. With Our HICU Hollow pots design, shutter is only used at the Rib and our hollow pot serves as form work as well.
  2. Our HICU hollow Pots interlocks with our form work at the rib (it spans between the rib) That means shutter form work is only used on 1/3 of total slab area. (saving 2/3 of shutter form work cost)
  3.  In addition we are leasing out this form work which is used at the rib (1/3 of total slab area) when you buy our HICU Hollow Pots for your slab. You do not need to purchase form work (This again translates to a further saving of 50 percent). In Total when you buy our HICU hollow Pots and lease the form work you realise 75 percent savings on shutter form work alone compared to solid slab or if you purchased hollow Pots from another company.
    The other added advantages are that the rib width will be uniform and cannot change during concreting. Saving in labour cost due to fast placement of hollow pots and reinforcement bars.

Do you offer supervision for Fundis who haven't used HICU technology before?

Once you buy our products, we can provide you with a Mason who has experience building with this Technology

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