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Introducing Our Company

Express Concrete is one of the most experienced and respected building construction company.

Our Services

Express Concrete is one of the most experienced and respected building.

  • Building Affordable Houses.
  • Supply of Construction Materials.
  • Road, Parking and Driveway Construction.
  • Building Renovation.

We turn Your Dreams

into Reality

One of the Key objective  is providing low cost housing solutions  in Kenya through our cost saving building solution known as  HICU Technology

Our Services

Supply of HICU Building materials to customers.

Construction of affordable Houses using HICU Technology.

Manufacture of Kerbs, Channels, side slabs and Invert block drains (IBD) for road Construction.

Manufacture of HICU interlocking Hollow blocks for wall construction.

Manufacture of HICU interlocking Hollow pots for suspended slab construction.

Manufacture of Paving blocks (Cabro) for road and driveway construction.

Supply of Paving blocks (Cabro), kerbs, channels, side slabs and Invert Block drains (IBD) to customers.

Supply and leasing of suspended floor steel shutter formwork.

Construction of Roads and driveways using paving blocks (Cabro).

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Parking and Driveway
Houses Construction
  • Sky View Gardens
  • Serene Courts
  • Acacia Villa Houses
  • Bee Park Hotel

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